Child Safety Initiatives

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) believes it is important to constantly improve the environment in which children can safely use its products. A variety of initiatives are under way to create such an environment for PlayStation? products. These efforts include enhancement and promotion of parental control functionality, provision of filtering services, and raising awareness of how to enjoy gaming responsibly. SIE continues to actively engage with this improvement so that children, and all users, can continue to use its products safely.

Product Function Initiatives

Parental Controls (Age-appropriate Usage Restrictions)

With the PlayStation?4 system, SIE worked to enhance and improve the user-friendliness of parental control functionality through the introduction of families . This feature allows guardians to set up and manage accounts for their family members. As family managers, guardians can set and change parental controls independently for each of their children - their family members - to be age and developmentally appropriate. With parental controls engaged, children can safely enjoy the PS4? system.


[PlayStation?4 Parental Control Feature Examples]

  • Restrict the games and movies a child can enjoy to those that are age-appropriate
  • Check the amount of time a child has played on the console and restrict the amount of time a child can play on it
  • Restrict use of the internet browser
  • Restrict communication with other players and the viewing of content created by other players over the network
  • Disable the ability to make purchases on the PlayStation?Store, or set a monthly spending limit      

*For more information on restrictions for child family members, click below.

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Block and Report Functions (Prevent Abusive Behavior by Other Users)

SIE strives to maintain and improve a healthy online environment so that players can safely communicate with other users. A block function has been introduced to allow players to designate users from whom they do not want to receive messages or chat requests. A report function has also been introduced so that players can report users who violate the rules to SIE.


*For more information on the block and report functions, click below.

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Fee-based Filtering Service (Protects Children from Harmful Content on the Internet)

SIE offers a fee-based filtering service that protects children from harmful content on the internet by blocking access to sites that may be detrimental to their healthy growth and development.

*For more information on the filtering service, click below.

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