Initiatives to Improve Accessibility

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has a number of initiatives underway to improve the visibility, audibility, and usability of its products so they can be enjoyed by all users, regardless of age or disability.

PlayStation?4 Usability Improvements

PlayStation?4 consoles, as well as certain PS4? software titles, include accessibility features.

PS4? Accessibility Features

The PS4? system includes features that make it easier to see menu screens. Users can zoom in, invert colors, change text size and width, and alter contrast ratio. Additionally, some regions and languages feature functionality that reads aloud on-screen text.

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North America  / Europe  / Japan

Video Introduction to Accessibility Initiatives

Some of the people responsible for the PS4?’s accessibility features share their thoughts on the importance of accessibility in the following video.

Video Introduction to Game Software Accessibility

The PS4? title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End offers robust accessibility features. The catalyst for the addition of these features was the strong alignment between the users’ needs and SIE’s ideas on accessibility.

Initiatives of the entire Sony Group

As a member of Sony Group, SIE strives to make its products accessible and easy to use. Please visit the Sony Corporation website for information on the efforts made by the group.